About Our Work

Four Steps to the Final Product.

In the first step, we discuss the project with the client.

It is important to take time for this, because at this point the basis for the whole project is laid. The main focus is to substantiate the story of the planned documentary:

  • What are the central elements?
  • What is the key message?
  • Which people and situations should be placed at the center?

On request we may build a storyboard, the time frame and of course a sensible overall budget together with you.

The second step is of course the most important part of the project: The filming itself.

In most cases, this will be done within several days at the location, but larger projects with multiple shooting locations may also be done in several time periods.

Our strength lies here especially that we deeply empathize with the events and people - we experience firsthand what we ultimately want to transport to the viewer.

As a result, the documentation will be compelling and emotionally touching.

What good is the best story and the most perfect images if they are not adequately produced?

Our documentaries tell a story and it must all fit together:
The cut, the lyrics, the speaker and the specially composed music - all from a single source and of the highest quality.

Upon request, the client will receive intermediate results, so that it is possible to contribute at every stage to the production.
This ensures that you will be extremely satisfied with the finished product.

The end product will be finished - depending on the type and scope - usually within one to four weeks.

You as the customer will receive all the rights to the film and can use it in any way you want to. We will be happy to advise you here on the optimal distribution facilites.

Whether YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TV, or - of course - your own website:

We will give you suggestions on how the documentary reaches as many people as possible and thus the reputation of your company and products shall be distributed as widespread as possible..