Our Competences

If we should summarize our core competence in a word, we would say, that we create PR- and advertising-documentaries.

What we offer:

  • Booked documentaries from 10 to 120 minutes runtime on specific topics or a langer range of topics.
    This kind of movie is likely to generate maximum attention in the audience. It gives the impression to be able to enjoy a free and captivating documentary - which is just the opposite of "having to" watch advertising.
  • Image-Videos from 2 to 15 minutes runtime.
    Again, it is possible to enrich the classical image-film with high-quality content, so that the viewers perceive a benefit for themselves. Also, this creates a significantly higher emotional attachment, compared to the traditional image-film.
  • Portraits from 5 to 60 minutes runtime.
    We place a person and their work center stage. Here, the sensitivity is particularly important, because the film should neither be sensational nor factually-dry. The aim here is also an emotionally moving media trip with captivating content about a person and his privat or public engagement.

The strength of Liesenfeld.media lies in the fact, that it connects technically brilliant agency work with high quality content journalism.

This combination can convey on one hand an excellent image of the client - just like the classic advertising agencies. In addition, however, the high-quality content of a documentary ensures, that it really connects with the consumer - not only intellectually, but also emotionally. And THAT is the main component that ultimately leads to the purchase decision.