Only touching advertising films, image films and documentaries achieve the desired result.

What is special about our work?

No matter what kind of film - for us it is more than just a "product". We work individually and immerse personally into the subjects very deeply. A good stoy never only conveys bare information but embeds it into an emotional context. And that applies to documentaries as well as for advertising films or image films.

A film is like a modern story – and our films are touching and thus engage the audience on an emotional and intellectual level alike.

Image, text, sound and music. Everything from one source.

A good film is a film, that presents the content in a way, that viewers really want to watch it and are in fact moved by it. To achieve this, it is necessary that the individual elements - such as image, text, sound and music - fit together and achieve the desired effect in direct interaction. In our own studio we produce the music to the images and the content, which underlines, emphasizes and touches. This is high art - too much and it is cheesy, too little and it seems unconnected.

Perhaps you noticed the piece of music in the video above? It emphasizes very discreetly, yet effective, the core message of the film. We composed it for the documentary "Psychedelic Therapy" and you may listen to it in full:

  • The Freedom in Me (full)
  • The Freedom in Me (instrumental)

The human factor. Just as important as the technical perfection.

In 2021 it is completely granted that films of any kind are made at the highest technical level. But just when it comes to people being the center of attention – be it as actors, be it as the target group - another component is at least as important: the human factor. And that requires a lot of sensitivity and years of experience - both properties that we have been specializing in for many years.

People adapt intuitively to the environment and disclose different nuances of themselves, depending on the context in which they find themselves AND depending on the manner in which a conversation is conducted.

Our team is psychologically trained and experienced in dealing with people and situations. This enables us to capture moods, images and emotions that are particularly precious and by that convey the spirit of your subject very deeply. Viewers are very sensitive to "staged" situations; no matter how elaborately they are produced - they do not achieve the desired effect. Authenticity is perhaps the most valuable feature - especially in the movie business.

By the way: we work in cooperation with Tantra & Selfawareness seminars in Berlin